1. References and links:
The ruling of the German law court Landgericht Hamburg of 12 May 1998 says that anyone generating a link may take on a coresponsibility for the contents of that linked site. The court says this coresponsibility can be prevented by stating explicitly one’s dissociation from those contents. We have generated links between our site and other sites in the internet. The following shall apply to all of those links: We state explicitly that we have no influence on the layouts and texts of the linked sites. Hence, we explicitly dissociate ourselves from all of the contents of all the linked sites and do not make them our own. This declaration is valid for all of the links shown on our home page and for all of the contents of all of those sites which are accessed by the banners, buttons and links visible on our site.

2. Liability:
Any liability of Fagottini.de (including negligence) is excluded for any damage and any consequential damage resulting from an access to the elements of this site or their use, or else from their nonaccessibility or nonusability.

3. Copyright and trademark
Proliferation of any of the contents on our web site requires a previous permission in writing. This also includes any links to our site from other sites. All of the picture material, texts and layouts are covered by copyright.

4. Legal validity
If individual parts or individual wordings of this text do not comply either fully or partially with existing legal stipulations the remaining parts shall not be affected.